Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Julie's Death, 12/08/09

So there she is, beyond the pale,
I have lost her once again.
But I must realize that,
She was truly gone from me
A long, long time ago.
It's nothing new.
I tried and tried to reach her as we all grew older,
As time went by, but she refused to see me.

And as in the case with final death,
I never thought, not once, that I would lose
her all at once, one day, in a moment's time.
I always thought -
was I pretending? -
I would have so much to say, when once she let me in again.
And how I'd make it better: everything all better.
And here she is, dead, as Christmas comes,
And now I'll never say it, but it all fills up my heart.

Is this that age old cry, of those who never got a chance
To say goodbye?